Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes

Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes

Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes

Do you have any idea about EOT cranes? EOT crane is also known as Bridge cranes. This crane has a built in parallel pathways to travel optimally. The S.Cranes crane manufacturing firm serves as a quality supplier of EOT cranes at reasonable rate. Let us have a quick look at different types of EOT cranes manufactured by this amazing firm in order to support the valuable customers without any regrets.

Single Girder EOT cranes

From the name you can infer that there is only one main girder in this type of EOT crane. This type of crane can be easily installed without any difficulty. A small space is sufficient for successful installation. It is electrically operated crane and consists of a wire rope hoist and two end carriage set up. This EOT crane is capable to lift from 0.5 meters up to 12 meters with the help of LT brackets and rail heights. Here the span meters ranges from .5 meters to 25 meters. This EOT crane can be used to perform medium duty tasks. You will not face any issues while operating this crane.

Double Girder EOT cranes

This type of EOT crane is also termed as double bridge cranes. As it name indicates that this crane comprises of double girder and ease pathways to travel without any interruptions. If you want to lift more than a normal height then you can go for this EOT crane. The design is very compact and fuse less circuitry enhances the application of the crane. You can make use of this crane effectively to perform heavy tasks without any hesitation. The span limit fir this EOT crane is from 0.5 meters to 40 meters. Two parallel beams support the functioning of this crane. You can establish three types of movement using this crane. They are hoisting, cross travel and long travel. Limit switches are installed in this EOT crane for safety purpose.

Quality EOT cranes

The EOT cranes from S.Cranes crane manufacturing company perform well when compared to other types of cranes in the market. If you want to purchase a crane for your industrial needs then immediately step into the S.Cranes crane manufacturing company. The support team in this firm will guide you in the purchasing process. It is enough if you convey your expectations accurately to the support team. They will aid you to identify the right type of crane to satisfy your needs without any regrets.

Appreciable customer service

An employee from the technical team will give you a complete description about the product and you can proceed to the next step if you are convinced with the features of the crane. The specialist team is available to modify the displayed product in pace with your requirements within short period. Soon after the purchasing process the highly skillful employee will visit your place and install the purchased products on time without any excuses. The customer service from S.Cranes crane manufacturing firm is highly notable.

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